Toronto Toffees - Canada!
TorontoToffees – Canada!

TorontoToffees’ new site is LIVE. Got photos of the group or stories to tell? Email the admin to contribute content or fill out the form below to get in touch.

You can also contribute as a supporter by filling out the form on our Supporters page. Your answers will go to towards making your profile, which we’ll launch sometime soon.

The TorontoToffees Premiership Fantasy Premier League, has been constituted. Join today before the new season starts. Pick your fantasy team from across the EPL with a £100 million budget.

Enter private League Code 84503-22961 to join.

We’ll be posting the Everton FC 2017 EPL, FA Cup, and League Cup match schedules, details about our home Scallywags, and member profiles in future.

Toronto Toffees at Scallys
TorontoToffees at Scallywags on St. Clair, wondering if they’d rather see the Gooners win just to spite LFC…

COYB! Up the Toffees!!!